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Monday, November 8, 2010

KC is for Kisses & Cuddles - A story in photos

A while back, a package arrived at my door from Dermalogica, a thank you gift for blogging about their amazing skin care line. It's a small world when you realize your husband used to date someone who now works for a company and their marketing system recognized their name being used in a blog. The GM put two and two together and realized that I was Michael's wife.

Melissa and her fiance Patrick just bought an adorable new french bulldog puppy named KC, which Patrick lovingly refers to as "Kisses & Cuddles". Melissa much preferred the given name which was "Saucy Mynx". She was looking for an amateur photographer to come to their Toronto home and take a few family shots for Christmas cards.

We showed up yesterday to their gorgeous home on Richmond Street in Toronto. I snapped pictures of every detail I could. The natural light filled every room with bright warmth. For a downtown home, I must say, the outdoor space they had with at least 3 terraces was a beautiful addition to their already stunningly decorated home. Patrick and Michael walked ahead and reminisced about highschool as Melissa, KC and I lagged behind and chatted. We walked through a graffiti covered alleyway where transexuals turned tricks behind tucked in doors. God, I miss Toronto!

The saucy mynx picked up a cigarette with her mouth and before she had a chance to drop it, I snapped a couple of hilarious photos. We walked down Queen West where almost every crazy person stopped to talk, pet and kiss the dog. Patrick and Melissa bought us a delicious organic hot chocolate and I gazed into all the funky store fronts that attracted me to this vibrant city years ago. We crossed the street to Patrick and Melissa's favourite park, Trinity Bellwoods and snapped a few more photos.

This session was especially touching for me for various personal reasons and the love that Melissa and Patrick have for their puppy and each other is so evident. She's destined to be a mommy.

Melissa, thank you for the experience yesterday. You are a world class act from running a company, your hilarious British humour, your amazing English accent, your home decor and a great heart and spirit. Here are some photos from our action packed day yesterday.

I finished the day off at The Drake Hotel, took a sip of my $7 half pint and mused to myself how much I loved this city and all it's offerings.

Toronto, I'll be back to visit soon!



Anonymous said...

I think you've found your calling in photography!! Amazing pics!!!

Wendy Lewicki said...

Thank you....whoever you are!! :)