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Friday, November 12, 2010

Light & Dark

A friend and I decided to get together to do a fun photo session, switching roles. It's hard to believe that this stunning beauty who shone in pale pink, was once a goth. I suggested doing her makeup and dressing her up in pink if I promised to vamp it up a bit with heavy dark makeup and a black wardrobe. We lugged all our bags, camera equipment and tripod through the S.C. Johnson trail in Brantford and these were some of the results. A few people have noted a resemblance between us so our next adventure may be some reflection shots, although I need to lose 20 pounds, grow my hair for 3 years and gain a few inches in height to mirror this natural beauty.

I have met a woman who is extremely talented in photography, has a heart of gold and glows from the inside out...and doesn't even know her own loveliness.

Here are a few images from our dark and light session. It was a lot of fun but as unglamourous as it comes. We changed in the forest, surely got burrs up our asses and trekked through the bush with our heavy bags. We looked around for someone to bring us snacks or beverages, but we realized we weren't big time and went and got ourselves a $5 pizza afterwards.

Who needs super stardom anyways??

Thanks again L.B.!!!


Laura said...

You are too kind. Pfft, I only wish I were as gorgeous as you hehe!!

I see you put Tori as the song - perfect for me, she's my fav!!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord...these are freakin' fantastic...well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!