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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simply, Red.

Yesterday, I had some formalities to take care of in Niagara Falls, before I start to embark my journey on a new career path. Once this was wrapped up, my husband and I took the opportunity of a free day finally spent together and headed to the wine county of breathtaking Niagara-On-The-Lake.

I love these kind of spontaneous, under-planned getaways. We stumbled upon a cute little vintage spot called The Moffat Inn and checked in. We spent the remainder of the day touring wineries, sampling delectable wafts and tastes of sumptuous wines. We braved the freezing wind and rain to tour the Hillebrand estates. Our favourite was Peller Estates and all it's offerings. On a cold and damp day, we were met with a warm fireplace and amazing staff as well as delicious red wine.

After a long day of driving, sampling and cold weather, we were famished and looking for a local restaurant. Again, we strolled (rather, huddled and scurried) through the streets in town for the perfect restaurant. We ended up in the pub of the basement of our Inn. It was perfect. Dark, warm, great food and amazing company. The best part of the night was that we brought the remainder of our food and drinks to our room and didn't have to leave the warmth to go home.

We plan on returning, next time, to a referred spot in town where we can purchase used wine barrels for 50 dollars. Wouldn't it be cool to have some bar stools or a table made from the very container which brings us so much silky smooth enjoyment on a cold winter's night?

Fabulous time Niagara. Thanks for the memories.

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