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Friday, July 30, 2010

Susan Murray - Advertising in Motion

The thing about advertising is that you never know when someone's eye will be caught. Yesterday, my eye was caught while driving on the Gardiner West with my two bosses coming home from a client meeting downtown. We had some interesting encounters on our road trip and a whole lot of laughs and as the eruption of laughter wound down in the car, a flash of colour and image drove by me on wheels.

Susan Murray - For an event they'll never forget, the advertisement in motion read.

I later came home and did some research and found Susan Murray's company is located in Toronto. You can rent or buy linens, drapery, napkins and accessories for events as elaborate as weddings to a backyard thrown soiree for added elegance and theme.

Below are some gorgeous images. My favourite are the "Giselle" scrunched up, tufted, chocolate brown chair covers.

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