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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jonny Lang - Back for a taste of your love

I was first introduced to the above mentioned artist ten years ago when I myself was just a young girl in her early twenties. Jonny Lang in my mind was a mature man, long before his grown years. Only the truly gifted would be able to play, write and belt out songs with that much raw grit, feeling and soul at the mere age of 17.

A few years later would find me closer to thirty and him closer to mid twenties. I saw Jonny at Danforth Music Hall and to this date I think that was the best live concert I have ever attended. When we weren't rocking out with the cubs and cougars alike, I would sit awestruck, mouth ajar and stare at this musical genius, soaking in his unbelievable guitar numbers, both acoustic and electric as well as some accapella moments that left me with chills.

To say that I am excited that he is the headliner for the Kitchener Blues Festival, is an understatement and to top it off, the concert is free.

Here are a couple of my favourite earlier songs of Jonny's.

Lie to me is my all time fave.

Passion. Fire. Soul.

p.s. Fun fact. Music must run in the family as his sister Jesse Langseth was a semi-finalist in Season 8 of American Idol. Here she is with her strikingly haunting voice singing Bette Davis Eyes.

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