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Monday, July 19, 2010

Flash Mobs

In a world too busy to even stop and smell the roses, never mind have a pee or coffee break or phone a friend just to say "Hey! How's it going?", we seem to find solace and joy in the simplistic things. A great and unexpected gut-wrenching laugh, a hand written letter in the mail and a quiet night at home with no plans can warm your soul and let you know that there is still room for joy in your life, even amongst your hectic workday of emails, conference calls, and the adornment of many hats.

May I present to you, a flash mob.

A what, you ask me?

A flash mob I repeat. The participants are given a date, a time and a place to show up and the details are to be kept a secret until performance time. The general purpose is to mystify the non-participants for a brief couple of minutes, and then move on as if nothing has happened, leaving the bystanders completely perplexed.

The recent flash mobs that get me grooving in my chair can be seen here in these links: The
T-Mobile commercial and the most amazingly sync'd choreography I've ever seen, and even left Ms. Winfrey screaming and dancing in shock.

Watch and enjoy. Trust me, you can't miss this! Take the five minutes you didn't take to smell the roses and sit back for some pure entertainment. I should really think about leading my co-workers into a choreographed version of "Thriller" on our lunch break :)

Pay attention to the ones who don't know what's going on but join in anyways. Love it!!

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Anonymous said...

sure brings a smile to your face! really like this one! xo