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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jessica Alba

I'm not one who gets caught up in celebrity hysteria. I don't buy the rag mags to see who's got cellulite or which latest star has broken the heart of another with some sordid and public affair.
I don't look up to or idolize or encourage young girls to strive for that unattainable seemingly perfect life that celebrities live, in which we all know is a facade in most cases.

I am however a regular girl. When I see a thing of beauty, I can't help but stop and notice. I think in fact, it is true that a woman notices another woman's beauty more so and more often than a man does. Women sometimes dress for themselves but also for other women's approval.

Jessica Alba is a stunningly gorgeous woman. Her acting skills may not be Oscar worthy but I love her personal style. She's beautiful without being Hollywood plastic. She can go from playground casual to red-carpet ready in the same day (and I'm sure with a team of 12 to assist).

Here are some images of the young mother. Is it me or does she get better with age?

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