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Monday, July 26, 2010

Natalie Spencer (Papalia) Photography ~ Triple Threat

Cyber space became an important vehicle for me while planning my wedding. I stumbled upon so many amazing bride(s) to be and we shared knowledge, thoughts, rants, vendors and advice.

I contacted one amazing bride after she posted some incredible photos of her bridal shower and wedding and to my disappointment, discovered Natalie Spencer didn't live in the GTA and decided that Ottawa was a bit too far from me to get together and brainstorm all things wedding. She kindly shared some tips and tricks of her camera preferences, experiences and favourite photos.

Now that I'm settled into my married life, I have some free time to do things that I enjoy. I'm a total amateur with my own camera but I am fascinated by the creative eyes of others which peek through the window of their lenses and capture pure magic.

Natalie's work is visually stunning, pretty and whimsical. The pink and grey tones of her photos bring forth a somewhat vintage feel and she always captures the flirt, fun and fairytale of life.

Not only does she take amazing photographs, she has started a cake decorating business and is genuinely a nice person who remains humble; truly a triple threat.

Here is a link to her site and some of my favourite images.

Natpink, thanks for inspiring!

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natalie spencer photography said...

Thank you's perfect!! You are the sweetest thing ever! :)