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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome to my new blog of life wrapped up in lace!

Hi there!

Thank you for checking out what I have to say and show. What started as an obsession for all things beautiful, has inspired me to get with the times and post through media. My husband lovingly chides and ridicules me because I still question him about his "Twits" instead of "Tweets" and I've just recently thrown out my VHS player, so bear with me as we stumble through this technology phenomenon together.

I've been told that a highly successful blog is specialized, has relevance and above all a catchy name. Let's hope that at least the latter is true for me as I am neither specialized or relevant and plan on posting an abundance of material based on the joys of life, or at least from my point of view.

I work for an Accounting firm by day. For me, there is very little joy in numbers or tax packages. As my fingers bleed through paper cuts and the dry temperature of the office, I often catch myself lost in a daydream of ruffles, vintage wine, soulful music and Parisien decor, confusingly blended with romantic advice for friends, black eyeliner, parmigiano reggiano cheese and turquoise jewellery.

How this obsession of interwoven thoughts makes sense to others is not for me to decide or worry about. I'm just here to write about it.

Thanks for the love,

Wendy Alana

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