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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Soulmates, even before we met.

My boyfriend to be, who now also happens to be my husband, wrote a poem for me before we even met face to face for the first time. Michael truly pierced my soul with his beautiful words and on our engagement, presented me with a bound book of everything he's ever written for me. Here was his first to me, and for the first time in my life, I knew I was about to meet what I used to believe was a cliche of a word, but now is my reality: soulmates. The photo above was taken in Tulum, Mexico which was where we flew to get married. We were in the middle of a fun photo session popularly named "Trash the Dress" where the bride wrecks her wedding dress after her wedding, symbolizing a cathartic freedom from all the pressures of planning a wedding, when we met two older Mexican gentleman, who offered Michael and I a bible and blessed our marriage. It was one of the most special moments in my life and I knew someone was looking out for us when we met, on our wedding day and in our lives.

Listening to jazz--
punctuated by falling rain
as it hits each window pane--
my mind wanders in and out of you,
curious, yet

I make excuses
why you're not quite right for me
when really
I've no right to say--
but every one before you
has ended in just
so why should now be
any different?

Not that I'm looking for a
not just yet, but
when my heart finally decides
to fall for this mysterious woman
in the unwritten pages of my future,
when I'm no longer a fool for trying
because I don't have to try
I just have to be
and then I'll be here
and one
with you
and we'll make love
listening to jazz
punctuated by the falling rain
as it hits each window pane--
and we'll laugh at how incomplete
the music was before us
and we'll weep at the beautiful harmony
we create--
You and me.

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