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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great hair - Great price!

I think I've spent a small fortune in my 33 years of life, experimenting with hair products that promise to do wonders. I remember the days when I had awful curly bangs and pin straight hair and my girlfriend and I used to iron our hair in her bedroom...with an actual IRON! Ahhh the sizzle and smell of burning hair!

Modern technology and demand has made life easier for women (and men) when styling their hair. Along with the tools you can purchase and expensive salon visits, there are also some fantastic products that actually work. I stumbled upon a line of products that are available to both celebrities and regular people like us. Sally Hershberger, stylist to the stars has an entire line that is available at Shoppers Drug Mart at what I think is very reasonably priced.

My personal favourite, and the product that put her on the professional map is called "Shagg Spray" and is good for creating sexy and "piece-y" waves. You spray it in your hair dry and blast it with a blowdryer and Voila! It's that easy!

Start the car and go try out this line. There is something out there for everyone.

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