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Monday, June 20, 2011

An unconventional father's day post

Father's day, like most years came and went without any thought put into it. I grew up without a relationship with my father and I think the lack of a male presence has a profound influence on a person. My dad remarried a few times but never had any other children. It was just me.
I've never been a parent but I know the love they have for their children. It baffles my mind that some can just walk away from their flesh and blood and never think twice about it.

I'm not sure if males and females are affected differently however Michael's latest post reminds me that it is important for dads to be there for their children. I have married a kind and sensitive man, and can only hope that if we ever have children one day, it can somehow heal the wounds of the parental absence we have both felt.

You can read his heartfelt post here:

I love you Michael and we love our moms dearly for being both a mother and father throughout the years.

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