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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Consider things, from another point of view.

It's no secret on our street that our next door neighbours are rude. We all have done our best to be welcoming but man some people are tough nuts to crack. Sometimes as adults, we take it out on the wrong people; the kids.

Michael is funny. In so many aspects I think he would be a great dad but in many, he is set in his ways. We are both only children so we are used to doing our own thing. The neighbourhood is mostly full of boys so the little girl next to us is always bored. She always picks the strangest times to come over and play with our animals or show us her pet caterpillars or ring the doorbell. The other day, I actually saw Michael running away from her. She is six. He was hiding behind the barbeque afraid she would come and want to play. He pretended I called him inside and ran in. The cat chased Michael. She chased the cat. And round and round they went until Michael could scoot the cat inside and shut the door. I watched this scene unfold and couldn't help but laugh.

I scolded him that he was hiding from a little girl. "She's annoying" he would say.

Last night, like clockwork during dinner, the doorbell rang. We looked outside and it was the little girl. We didn't answer the door. This morning we awoke and there was a drawing on the front porch from her. He mentioned to me that we are both going to feel like assholes, and handed me the child's drawing.

Tonight, I think I'll invite her over to play tea party. Sometimes, you have to consider things from another point of view. Sometimes, a six year old needs to put things into perspective for you. Thanks for the life lesson Julia.

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