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Monday, June 6, 2011

Give me everything tonight.

What a weekend! There were too many laughs for words but I will say that shooting Colleen and Jay's wedding was a totally wicked way of starting off the matrimonial season. I was nervous to shoot the groomsmen but they were hilarious, fun and all around great guys and totally up for any type of shot. The weather added a bizarre element to an already amazingly different wedding as it poured rain, drizzled, got sunny, muggy and then cold.

The groomsmen mooned the camera over the Niagara river and then we headed for a few more respectable shots at the gorgeous White Oaks. The ceremony was inside the vineyard as it was raining but the reception was held in a tent on the grounds. The bride and groom had a special request for the photographers to take photos of each group of guests for their guestbook and some of their friends had some pre-planned notions about the types of shots they wanted.

I have never laughed so much in my entire life at a wedding. I wondered if both families did stand up comedy as a side gig. From the speeches to the surprise performance the groomsmen put on for the bride, it was a nonstop party all night long.

I thank Charity and Liz for allowing me to work alongside such a great photography team. It felt like we were invited to spend the day with friends and although I was incredibly exhausted yesterday, I awoke with the feeling that I indeed am living my dream.

If there might not be a tomorrow, at least today I am giving my everything.



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