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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Michael has written me a lot of poems since we've met. I kept his chicken scratched, hand written scrawled pages all together with an elastic band for safe keeping and the night we got engaged, he presented me with a bound book of all his poems. The romantic, old soul in me still loves the originals.

He writes them in minutes and I gaze at him in amazement. He is so talented, wonderful, gifted and kind. Oh, and he loves me so.

Here is one from a couple of years ago. Most don't rhyme. This is a rare one that does.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return."

All things Wendy
is alright with me.
you see....
I had it every other way
every other day
when I kept to myself
because I was all by myself.
And those were the days I'd sooner not remember
from May through December
the dark nights kept me awake
and for my sake
I'd rather let those memories fade
all until that one fateful day
more like a moment...
when my heart was stolen and I allowed it that way
since it was her who took it
Then October changed months
and I had a hunch
And have had one ever since
Consider that my hint
Because for it to be all things Wendy
she needs one more thing
Some call it love
others reckon it a ring
So here I am
on bended knee
and this is my plea...

To my love, a love for the ages
A woman who changed my life
I ask if you'll continue to amaze me
to make me smile and continue to change me
from this day on, I want you to be
my wife.

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