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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No ordinary Love

Sometimes things happen to you that are so extraordinarily wonderful, it's hard to put into words. My friend Charity says it best when she says that there is not enough vocabulary in the English language to describe certain moments in life. If I were to describe how I'm feeling right now, the only word I know that would not diminish it's meaning would be Heaven. I've had a reckless life full of reckless decisions but to get to this moment right now, it's all been worth it. I've learned that the path less travelled is often a lonely one but this week I've discovered I have not been alone on this path. Only the people who step stride by stride with my footsteps this week could truly understand the momentum of how I'm feeling. I'm thinking about starting a movement. Would you like to accompany me? This movement is nothing spectacularly new. It all comes down to the basic laws of human decency. Wouldn't it be wonderful to join forces with like minded souls, hand in hand trying to see life and all its goodness? Instead of the tainted things we have been forced to feel from life's cruelty such as jealousy, hatred, spite and greed, why not lend a hand to someone you would rather make fun of? After all, you are probably laughing at their expense for a reason you can secretly relate to I have met two individuals on this life changing trip that have forever changed my life and the way I see the things in front of me. Similar to me, both have wandered through this world feeling like they were outsiders looking in. Both were tortured souls just panging and yearning for love, belonging, acceptance and above all the truth. When you seek the truth and find it, and inner peace comes upon you. My cynical self has now been retired to a believer. I have hope and I have faith in the human spirit now. There indeed are people out there who are willing to put their ego on a shelf and willingly give and give and keep on giving. I have been blessed from the powers above to have collided with these two beautiful angels who, like me were probably born in the wrong era. Two people who just want to matter, be accepted and make a difference. Two people who have been often misunderstood and have been searching for their place and purpose in life. This threesome has an electric energy unattainable to most. It's hard to comprehend but three is always better than one. I will always stand by you and you'll always have a friend in me.



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