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Thursday, February 24, 2011

An office with a view.

Today it's a snowy and bleak looking day outside. The gas prices at $1.21 are even more bleak than the weather. I spent so many years stuck in either a cubicle or freezing cold offices with space heaters under my desk that it's nice to be sitting in Chapters with a warm coffee, internet access and floor to ceiling windows all around. I'm sticking my nose in the books all day, specifically "Understanding Exposure" but there are too many distractions at home. So here I study, with a side of people watching. Even at this time in the morning, there is lots of hustle and bustle to observe. Four men who are seemingly coworkers, a lady waiting for her friend and a couple most surely on a blind date.

I love to sit and watch. Oh, and the coffee was free because they were in the middle of changing tills. My girlfriend who also quit the job from hell is now a full time real estate agent and works for herself so I'm waiting here to catch up with her and be thankful together that we are free.

I love my office with a view.

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