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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A leap of faith

You've heard the expression "put yourself out there." If you put whatever it is you want out there in the universe, you shall eventually receive. The difficult part comes when you're not sure what it is in fact you want.

I often heard this expression when I was single. It was true, I often mused. I certainly wasn't going to meet someone just sitting in my apartment moping. In my dreams, a cute pizza delivery driver would just suddenly show up at my door, which allowed for me no effort in actually getting ready, going out and playing the ever so exhausting dating game.

The same is true for my change in career. I literally quit my job with no plan in sight and had to deal with people's perception and judgement of my rash decision. Someone recently said to me that it wasn't fair I get to live a fun life and play dress up. The truth is, the past four months have been ball busting hard work and all-nighters spent trying to find as much information about photography that I can, to expediate the process and eventually make a career out of something that I love.

When I met Michael, I certainly took a chance. I met him on an internet dating site, after having several horrid (and some great) dates. I cancelled on him a couple of times before finally agreeing to meet up with him. The truth is, I would never have met such a wonderful and amazing man if I didn't agree to take that opportunity.

Chance took me on another journey yesterday where I found myself having coffee with a woman with a soul of beauty named Charity. We sat and watched the snow fall on young skaters by the Burlington waterside. We looked at each other and instantly wanted to reach for our cameras. I knew I had met someone that was as crazy as I was for capturing a beautiful moment. Just then, an elderly couple were seated behind us. The wife clearly was confused as she asked where her granddaughter was and her husband gingerly placed his hand on her back.
It's nice to be loved.

I never really thought I wanted to have children. I never had that calling or urge that most mothers tell me about. Today, I went for a walk with my dog. He saw Michael and escaped out of my hand. I leaped face first into the snow and concrete to stop traffic from hitting my dog. Michael was shaken, and later said to me that I must have the instincts, if I was about to get hit by traffic to save my dog.

My point in all this is that you have to take a leap of faith in life. If it seems scary, daunting or intimidating, that is even more reason to try it. Because I took a chance, I have a wonderful husband, a new career assisting Charity Swords with her weddings this year and a great sense of pride and accomplishment of achieving my dreams without any handouts.

Reach for the stars....go out and live your dream.



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