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Monday, November 21, 2011

Never feed a troll!

I borrowed this from someone today as I love it! So true!

"There is a word you must learn when dealing with people on the Internet. Troll. There are so many trolls out there. These are people who are just rude and like to hurt people for no apparent reason.  The best thing to do with these people is:

1. Laugh at the insane out of control way they choose to express themselves because it has no bearing on reality. 

2. Feel sorry for them bacuse they have some incredible hurt in their life they don't know how to handle properly. 

3. Delete their comments, ban them, restrict them and basically erase their presence from your page, blog, group, whatever... and from your mind as soon as possible. Oh and never feeed a troll. i.e. don't answer them. 

Do you know that when you repeat in your head cruel things that people have said or written to you , your inner being internalizes it , and it cannot distinguish if you are saying it personally to your inner being or if you are saying it as in "I can't believe what this person said." Whether you are saying it to your friends or in your mind, your inner being thinks you are saying it to them. When someone says something cruel and negative to you, do what you can to get it out of your head immediatley, lest it take root. Laugh, say wtf, go put on some lively positive music, hug the kids, pet the dog, paint up a storm, go look at the amazing photos you have taken and totally forget it! At those times I like to look at people like Michael Jackson and think about all the haters they had. Thank god they didn't let the haters stop them."  ~ Melanie U.C.

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