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Monday, November 21, 2011

Focca Photography

Please check out the work of an amazing photographer, Kathy of Focca Photography.
I met with her awhile back to discuss all things photography and we ended up having an amazing afternoon. She took some photos of me and I learned a few things that day. One, it's much easier posing someone else for the camera than the awkward feeling of posing myself. Two, you can take amazing photographs with limited gear. It's how to properly make use of the gear that you own that really counts. Three, some women really can do it all. Kathy is a mother, an artist, a trailblazer, a beauty and a friend. Moving here from Poland, barely knowing a soul or the language and starting out working in the lab, Kathy quickly discovered she too had the trained "eye" that artists speak of. You can learn lighting, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and strobe but there is nothing out there that can teach you how to shoot from the heart, and how to see the world in a creative light. That is a gift that you either have or you don't. This girl has it. I'm blessed to have met her. When I asked her for some magical advice on my business, all she kept repeating was "girl, you are doing it." Sometimes we are looking for answers that are so simply obvious that we are missing the entire point.

I love this girl.

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