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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Act of kindness contest

This past month, I have been blessed with receiving kindness from so many clients and photographers on so many levels. When someone is starting their own business, there are so many challenges that must be faced on a professional and personal level. This business is competitive and cut throat. It is amazing to know that there are people out there who will put their ego aside and offer help where it is needed. For this I am extremely thankful.

This sparked an interest in me to run an act of kindness contest. I asked each person to submit a photo of either a good deed or a photo to represent the act with a short description. I was overwhelmed with the amazing and selfless things that people do for others from helping kids in Africa, to jumping out of bed to fight a fire, to growing vegetables for a good cause. The winner would receive a free portrait session.

It was very difficult to choose just one, as how can we judge or rank kindness? I wish I could run an unlimited amount of free portrait sessions and really see what the world is made of. There can only be one winner in a contest and we have chosen ours.

BROOKE SKEWES's submission to the Act of Kindness Contest: 

"My name is Brooke and I just turned 8. This picture is of me and my friend Faith. The other day at school, I was playing with 'a girl in grade 5 (mama said I cant say her name)' and a girl in my class. They are popular because they model and are pretty. My friend Faith came to play with us and they said that she had to go away because they are not allowed to play with her because she is different. I told them that was really mean and I said I would rather play with Faith because she is nice and a great friend. Her mom came from Africa so Faith could be safe and go to a school. It is sad that girls that could be nice, choose to be mean instead. I am kind everyday, like my sister Daina, but especially I am brave. I am brave to say what is right and what is wrong. I would like to win the photo contest, so I can have photos with me and lots of my friends. I want all girls to know that even if they aren't models, they are beautiful. The differences are what makes us the most beautiful."

With an increase in bullying not only in schools but in the workplace, this 8 year old has already figured out what some of us take years to learn. Congratulations Brooke! You will receive a free portrait session and it sounds like you want it taken with your friends. You are already a strong, compassionate leader and a great example to your younger sister and classmates. 

Thank you all for your submissions and there will be similar contests run in the future.

Keep paying it forward. 




Shannon Mykayla said...

WOW that is touching!!! Great choice!!! I know the photos of those beautiful little girls are going to be breathtaking!!!

Adam ALlen said...

Yeah, that made me tear up for sure. Wow!

ML said...

Very fitting choice. And I'm proud of you for running a contest that encourages people to choose selfless acts of kindness as the vehicle for their voice to be heard. Bravo.