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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A year in marriage ~ Almost

I am in awe at how fast time passes us by. A year ago at this time I was in shambles, trying to get prepared for my destination wedding, at home reception and deal with the craziness of work, Christmas season and buying a new home. I remember thinking that after our at home reception, I was going to be so happy it was over because that meant we could finally enjoy our lives together without the self-imposed pressure of perfection. We couldn't wait to hop back on a plane after it was all over with, and enjoy our honeymoon back in Mexico, the place that has become so very special to Michael and I.

As we are approaching our one year anniversary on January 7th, we are both so grateful for how our lives have turned out, where we live and who we are surrounded with. Sometimes, you wonder how you're going to get there and as we've always heard in cliche, forget to enjoy the journey but Michael and I have enjoyed the voyage every step of the way; it's been a hell of a ride. We've gone through life and death together in the sense that loved ones have passed away and also been born. We've lost some friends by choice and gained some new ones by fate. We've adapted to the trials and tribulations of marriage. We've explored our passions separately; him with his food blogging and me with my writing and photography. We've also learned to merge those passions together and intertwine our talents to become a great team.

I'm re-posting the link to our special time, captured by Studio 67 in both Mexico and home. It's 19 minutes long but means the world to us in memories. You need a password to get in...that password is: mexico

This song by Fleetwood Mac is the song that our moms walked us down the aisle to.

I love you always, now and forever Michael!

Your loving wife,


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