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Thursday, December 23, 2010

~ Sister Sister ~

Sisters. It's a concept I'm fascinated by but can't understand. Ever since I started my photography journey, I've wanted to capture the love between siblings. Oddly enough, two cousins of mine also wanted to give their parents a gift that money can't buy. The gift of the present which after seconds, becomes the past, caught on film. Still motion.

I remember when Taylor was born. I fondly recalled the story to her today as a ten year old who held her newborn cousin in her arms. Her mom was probably Taylor's age at that time. Micayla was a little cutie who we lovingly nicknamed "Buddah" as she had the chubbiest cheeks ever.

These two women have grown into remarkable human beings. Sitting and having a conversation today with them over coffee, after a fun filled afternoon of ice skating, sent me on a journey to my past and right back into my present where we got to know each other as adults, laughed, cried, reminisced and talked about life and family.

Nobody's family is perfect. Everyone can agree upon that. Siblings I have found are often different, especially sisters. Taylor and Micayla aesthetically look so much alike, yet they tell me, are very different. Standing behind the lens, I see a different version of their story. If you can imagine, I actually had to force/stage them to fight in a few shots. All sisters will attest that is something that can happen quite naturally, and that's all part of the sisterhood experience. These two sisters laugh together, protect each other and chide one another like old school pals. They speak fondly of their grandparents and extended family. I asked them to bring something today that was special and meaningful. They had some framed childhood photos, rings their grandfather had made for them out of his diamonds, a fur coat made into teddy bears by their grandmother, their mom's monogrammed fur coat and my favourite, two stuffed animals that their dad gave to them just the other day as grown women. You're never too old to be loved by your dad.

One thing is for certain: these two girls love their parents to the depths of their souls. This song has always reminded me of the exact people Roy and Arlette are towards their daughters: kind and generous.

Maybe it's this time of year or just my sensitivity in general, but these photos make my eyes brim with big & fat tears. I didn't think I'd be able to get it all done in one day, but when I put my mind to something, I make it happen. Here is a sneak peek at a few photos of over 500 that were taken today.

Auntie Arlette and Uncle Roy, I hope you enjoy this photo journey of your two daughters and the love they share for you. I wish you a Merry Christmas and send you both a big hug.




andreae said...

What a great gift! Taylor and Micayla, you are both gorgeous. Arlette and Roy, you must be so proud. Wendy, fantastic job at capturing 'sisters'!
Andrea (family friend)

Anonymous said...

Wendy.. I didn't realize I could post on here. 18 hours after first seeing the pictures I am still so amazed and so grateful and still looking at them all over and over again!. Your work is absolutely incridible and what you captured brought tears to my eyes. I cannot thank you enough for this the most precious gift I believe we've EVER received. Love you so much honey! Merry Christmas to you your love Michael. xoxoxo