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Monday, September 6, 2010

Tea Time

I love my daily coffee but there is something so lovely about a Sunday morning tea. I used to order an extra large tea from Tim Horton's with four milk and four sugar. I just loved it. My cousin actually loves tea so much that when we were on our trip to Dominican, she brought a kettle in her luggage and we had a spot of tea daily.

I miss our morning tea time with my mother-in-law. She would come over after her workouts every Sunday with tea and we would chat as I watched her and Michael play a few games of backgammon. Jack would jump all over her and we'd try (unsuccessfully) to calm him down.

My mom collects bone china tea cups and saucers. There's something so dainty about those little sets.

I took the above picture on Princess Street this weekend in Kingston. The Tea Store had every selection you could ever think of!

There are some young moms on our street who have a tea together every morning. We got to talking and one mom said how she would love to dress nicely and go to work every day and I responded there were some days I would trade that to be able to sit in my jammies and have a tea. We decided to have a weekly get together at my house where we could drink our tea, munch on pastries and have both girl time and a vent session all in one visit.

Everyone needs their girlfriends and time away from their busy lives, husbands, kids and jobs to just be girls. Michael locked himself in our office (very wise) while we chirped and chatted away over orange cinnamon tea. A half an hour turned into two and a half hours and before we knew it, it was one o'clock. A great way to end off a great weekend.

Until next time ladies....

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