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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bringing back the belt

Big belts were always associated with 80's fashion, alongside fluorescent hair netting, cut-off gloves and those god awful pumps. I say, let's bring back the belt. Whether it's a fabric sash, low slung belt or a skinny addition to a pair of jeans, belts are most often flattering, fashionable and funky and can turn a drab outfit to fab.

Belts or sashes create definition and separation in an outfit and can be seen on wedding dresses, bathing suits and maternity wear alike. They can also be worn by means of a fanny pack, a bandeau or cumber bun and not just your traditional belt to fit in denim belt loops. I chose my wedding dress in minutes and never tried anything else on. I saw it and ordered it online and hoped that it fit. I loved it and it's unconventional style and the sash was very much my own personal taste.

Enjoy these images:

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