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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hidden Gems - A roadtrip.

We were Kingston-bound this weekend to visit a good but old friend of mine and also to attend a bachelorette party where girls came from both Montreal and the GTA for a special bride-to-be.

There's something about this vibrantly old city that screams culture and contentment all in one breath. I could easily live in such a beautiful place, especially with that much water in plain sight. We visited the local market, a famous breakfast place, many quaint shops, had dinner and drinks throughout the town and embarked on a ghost tour.

After many laughs shared and much food and vino inhaled, we embarked on our long journey home. We left at 9:30 this morning and arrived home shortly after 7:00 p.m. The great thing about having lived all over Toronto for so long is that when passing through, we know all the spots we want to hit instantly.

For starters, we were in search of some movies which everyone knows you can get burnt copies from Pacific mall. In the past, you stealthily head down an alley way and give someone 20 bucks while you select your 10 movies still in the theatres from a binder. You pay your money, and take your chances as sometimes the quality is great, and others laughable. If you've never been to Pacific Mall in the asian area of Markham, you must go. All things sparkly, pretty, knock off and trendy are available for dirt cheap. Today we were rushing and almost out of time, and all I was able to get were a few of these pretty Dior hair clips for a few bucks a piece.

Defeated and tired, we asked one last person out of about 3o asked, if they sold English movies. She giggled and said no but asked if we heard of Dr. Flea Market? She quietly showed us the address on her I-Phone and we headed to one of the worst areas of town - Rexdale, in search of still-in-theatre movies. We found the market, got our movies and pulled over at one of the many eyebrow threading places I've been seeking out, but to no avail in this town. For three dollars, I had my eyebrows shaped and threaded in seconds, but uncomfortably sat amongst about 10 gang member-looking type of dudes waiting to get their cornrows braided. Here was a peek from the room I sat in.

We had a great weekend including a stop off in Cobourg and Prince Edward County and definitely could see ourselves retiring on the water in that region! Simply gorgeous!

Here are some photos from our weekend.

Our highlight: A delicious and fragrant basil plant for 4 bucks.

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