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Monday, June 21, 2010

The turkey

I just find this story so amusing that I had to write a short poem about it. My girlfriend who shall remain nameless is a drop dead raven haired gorgeous beauty with a brain and heart to match. An outsider would view her as someone who has it all. And she really does; except for great luck in the dating department.

I can relate to this friend, as I too have dated a couple of nameless jerks myself over the years.

The music pulsates
The lights are dimmed
Drinks are flowing and boys and girls
establish their turf on the dance floor
or by the bar.
He approaches her, almost sleuth-like while
she, turns the other cheek.
Over and over again he makes his attempts but glaringly obvious
he fails and he inquires and almost demands: Give me a chance!
She glances south of his chin,
A turkey, she muses. He seems puzzled.

Alas, finally she retorts:
"You're wearing a (bleepin') turkey on your shirt and I'm a vegetarian."

He hangs his head, shoulders slumped and turned away.
But, later, in a situation unrelated and which will remain untold he tells her "Don't worry about it" and this bird turned out to be a very mean man.

And I, as her friend chide with her that turkey is for Thanksgiving only.

Then, I write this poem and we share a laugh.

Gobble Gobble.

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