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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Second Hand

Michael's and now my grandmother Chesley provided me with the following information regarding my blog post on Extoggery. With her permission, I am posting it. Interesting to know! Thanks Ches.

Hi Wendy ! That was a great take on the extoggery ! You have not missed a single point. You might be interested to know that a childhood friend of mine married the son of the owners of the extoggery. It was one store only on Merton street just east of Yonge St . Mrs. Allen ( mother in law to my friend) started it in her home. She decided that all her friends should buy second hand clothes for themselves and their children ! She was an excellent business woman. We used to go there to buy special clothes for the the kids. eg a good winter coat to go to a Bar Mitzvah ! Great memories - thanks love chesley

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