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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lynn Spence knows style!

Ever since Marilyn Denis left Toronto's popular CityLine's show, I haven't been much of a fan. Episodes invited experts to discuss to a live audience subjects like family, fashion, health and home decorating. I enjoyed watching Fashion Fridays for reasons that are obvious (what girl doesn't love a good fashion show!). Marilyn often co-hosted with special guests such as Sandra Pittana and Lynn Spence and I was so excited to find out Lynn would be guest speaking at today's Grand Lifestyle Show, which took place at Bingeman's in Kitchener.

For one hour, Lynn captivated and engaged her audience with her high energy, knowledge of home trends and hilarious rhetoric. She is the kind of person you would want as a friend and definitely want in your corner if you have any type of decor question. The poor men that fell asleep in the audience, were the recipient of her throwing pillows to wake them up. I certainly wasn't nodding off, and was furiously jotting notes on my blackberry so I could excitedly share trends in home decorating on my blog.

Lynn said that at all the design shows she has been attending in New York, she was surprised and thrilled to find that comfort is back! Consumers no longer want pretty furniture that looks cold, clean and chic but serves no dual purpose of relaxation and joy. Classic pieces like a seemingly plain beige sofa can be mixed with patterns that tie in both throw pillows and textured floor rugs. She refers to the floor being a fifth wall and to dress it up as such. Heavy wood furniture is trending with iron bases, and flooring is a mix of light and dark with some grey tones in stain.

She emphasizes the importance of mixing pieces however keeping a theme running through the rooms. For example, you don't want all matchy-matchy pieces of heavy wood and then a wood coffee table. Having two rectangular sofas for example, calls for a more oval or "surfboard" shaped coffee table in glass, to bring in some light. She suggests grouping things in the magic number of "3" and if you have a common theme (example flowers), perhaps on your end table place a vase of flowers and two framed photos of flowers.

Bringing elements of nature into the home such as greenery, birch logs or tulips brings balance to the home. She suggests in your dining room, if there is a chandelier, have some sort of mirror on your wall to reflect this light. WIth other colours going on in the room, white plates are a popular favourite. Again bringing in the power of "3", she suggests three vases filled with tulips as a centerpiece, and replace with something shorter during dinner, to encourage conversation and dodging the centerpiece.

Above your sofa, she suggests at least two substantial size prints. The biggest mistake people make is having too large of a space and tiny artwork that does not match the scale of the wall.

To summarize, Lynn suggests having some classic pieces, dressing them up with patterns that can continue throughout the home, scattering things in groups of 3 to create a theme, don't be afraid to add some colour and some elements of nature and to be aware of scale. Comfort is back in style, as well as mixing textures and patterns and above all she suggests, don't be afraid to try your hand at decorating or styling your home.

I just had to take the opportunity to thank her and snap a photo with this style guru!

Happy shopping! :)

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