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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Upcoming projects

It's the off wedding season so Michael and I were a bit worried about business but as it seems in photography, there always seems to be people who want photographs taken (aren't we in a recession?)

Michael is busy switching over his blog to Wordpress which will generate more revenue for us from the advertisements. His readership is up to almost 150,000 viewers per month worldwide which is amazing. His venture to Washington for the food blogger conference has opened different avenues for him in regards to one day creating and publishing his own cookbook.

We are both opening up a store on Etsy to sell photographs of our work; his food photos and my art.
Michael is also looking into starting a freelance food photography business with his main clients being restaurants for their websites and menus.

I've been asked to consider a job working with the Heart and Stroke foundation for their campaign of Make Death Wait where I would interview and photograph young survivors. This goes hand in hand with my Scratching the surface series where I want to dig deeper into people's lives, troubles and stories.

I have been so fortunate to meet amazing photographers this year. I will be editing for some amazing GTA photographers and soaking up as much knowledge as I can for various editing styles. We have registered for some in depth lighting courses and I have made a very special contact in California who is going to be my mentor over Skype courses.

My grant with Enterprise Brant is finished in July so that will free up some time for me in terms of working on my business plan, forecasts and attending entrepreneur seminars.

Last year was absolutely crazy and I loved it. I said yes to absolutely everything and am thankful for all the opportunities that came my way. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I want to try and do less this year, but with more thought, and give each client a hand crafted experience, service and final product that is treated more like a piece of fine art than just a bunch of snapshots.

Weddings of course will always be our main focus. They require the most time and energy and we absolutely love working with our clients before, during and of course after the wedding is over. We have made some incredible friends who have continued to hire us on to document  their life's events as they unfold. We've got four months until wedding season kicks in full force again so I'm planning to use it wisely.

There was a time when I truly didn't believe in myself or my abilities but I now know, that hard work and listening to my heart, coupled with being real, honest, raw and truthful will get me far. What you see is what you get with me and I've been fortunate enough to attract likeminded clients. You truly can't fail if you never give up.

Thank you for all your support.



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