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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A meeting of urgency.

I got a text message that had somewhat of an urgent tone in it, or at least that's how I read it, because how can a text have any tone at all? My girlfriends and I try to have weekly tea. Two are stay at home moms, one works shifts and I'm usually home during the day editing. It's also convenient that we all live beside and across the street from each other. How it happened that our homes form a perfect square and we all became great friends, I can only leave that to lady luck.

Usually, if we set a time for tea, there is at least one of us who can't make, it. Too much editing, too many kids, too much work to do, not enough time during shifts. This time, the text message instructed us to all find a way to be there. And we did. There is something endearing about having a set time to meet. Michael and I often comment on the show Blue Bloods and how no matter what is going on in their busy law enforcing lives, they are to meet at family dinner every Sunday. And this is how it should be. We need to find and make time for important gatherings.

So, yesterday, the four of us girls found a way to get together. Kids hanging off our legs, tears about spatting spouses and freak outs from crashing computers. We were all there. I awaited a big announcement. Surely she wasn't pregnant again, the enitre two years I have known this friend, she has been pregnant. She wasn't moving and hadn't won the lottery she confirmed while I tried to guess the monumental reason we were all to meet up with no excuses.

Four gift boxes were presented to us at the same time with a neatly hand written note inside. The note explained a new way to try out high end cosmetic products and directed us to activate an account. My girlfriend then explained to us that she had bought us all a subscription to Luxe Box and that every month, we would each get a box in the mail of cosmetic samples to try. Based on a questionnaire we all filled out, we will all be sent different products to match our taste, skin, budget and style.

We all squealed in excitement. Who doesn't love receiving parcels in the mail, and makeup samples at that? This Luxe Box, my friend mentioned to us, was exciting but not the point of our meeting. A monthly parcel she quipped, was a way for us to all get together. We are not permitted to open our box until the four of us meet for tea (or wine). This way, we can share, exchange and ensure that there are no excuses to not meet up.

Life is not easy. We all know that's for damn certain. But my girlfriends and I have vowed to get through it together. We are all busy. There's always something more important that needs to be tended to. But when all is said and done, it is our loved ones and the time with them that truly warms our hearts, gives us memories and the strength to carry on in these crazy, crazy times.

Sandie, thank you for such a thoughtful gift. My friends have always been number one in my life. This past year, the only thing that was number one was my growing photography business. The new year brings new change, goals and resolutions. Some of us don't believe in resolutions as it's a surefire way to set ourselves up to fail. Others strive for unattainable goals. Whatever the case, whatever life may bring, we can always make time, at least once a month, for our girlfriends.



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