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Friday, December 9, 2011

'Tis the season after all.

Ahhhhhh. Friday. The day I never minded going into the office because everyone was a bit more casual in attitude and dress and there was an excited buzz that signified the weekend was coming. I understand why people prefer having a Monday off than a Friday.

I haven't allowed myself to sleep in past 6:30 am because quite simply, there has been too much to do. Today, I gave myself that luxury. This weekend is nothing but fun, food, friends and family and it's a much needed break.

Today, I'm enjoying a day at home doing what most people assume the self employed do every day (which in fact is the total opposite. Have you ever had a boss as tough on you as yourself? Doubt it.)

I'm having a coffee, watching fashion Friday on CityLine, and reading Jasmine Star's "Exposed" magazine by the fire, while the blanket of white stuff is covering the rooftops on our street.  I've waited weeks for this magazine to come and it was worth every penny. The table is set for a dinner party tonight, and my bags are packed for a girls night out in Toronto. We have been planning this night out including dinner, drinks and a sleepover at the Royal York Hotel for months. It seems everything in it's power is against us going but we are bound and determined to bring our plans to fruition. Sunday is a Christmas party for Michael's side of the family which is always full of games and many many laughs. I was never a games person until I met this clan and now I quite enjoy myself.

Even though I continue to edit on my "day off",  it still feels better than going into the office on this cold and dreary day.

I want to wish you a great day and a fabulous weekend and I hope you are spending it doing anything but work. 'Tis the season after all.



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stacey said...

Happy Weekend to you Miss Wendy!
I love the photographs you include with your posts :)