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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You can go your own way....Happy Birthday to me.

35 years ago on this day, my mom recalls the story of when I was laid in her arms. I've never known this feeling she describes where she stared at me in complete amazement as she first witnessed a life that she had created. Today, it's pouring rain the same as it was when I was first brought into the world.

As I've gone through this journey called life, I've realized a few things. The daily grind is tough. Heartache is inevitable. Memories are wonderful. Tenacity and grit are needed to survive.

This is why the one day a year you can put your feet up, not make your bed, and revel in the year gone by  without any guilt is something that should be celebrated.

We are pulled in so many directions always trying to please what seems to be the impossible standards.
On your birthday, even if just for a fleeting day, you can go your own way. Thank you to my husband who woke me up with his beautifully written words today.

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