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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I shot the sheriff (and the sheriff shot back!)

Last night, I photographed a couple in love. Robin and I are sort of related. Is that what you call it when your uncle who marries into the family has a niece? Her and I reconnected a few years back and shared some drinks and laughs at her sister's house in Toronto, reminiscing about the time gone by. She came to my wedding. She said my story with Michael inspired her to continue her search for love. She contacted me recently to ask me to capture her and her special David in love.

I'm not sure if we were in a crazy part of the neighbourhood last night, but it seemed that every person who passed us by were either drunk or shouting something at us. I watched David for his reaction and noticed his stoic presence. Later, I asked him about his career and that's when I found out he worked for the police force.

This was no hard-nosed cop. He was offering creative suggestions for shooting poses and locations and even took some photos of Michael and I.

Robin and David did not stop smiling all night. There really was no posing involved. I love nights like this where I'm fading into the background while my lens captures the natural unfolding moments.

I love it that passerby's automatically congratulated them, assuming they were engaged. I love that there was no special occasion to take photos. Sometimes, love is reason enough.

God bless you two. You've found your match. David told me that Robin has restored his faith in women. Robin told me that nothing has ever felt so right.

The proof is in the pictures.



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