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Friday, July 22, 2011

The truth serum

It was that first year Philosophy course I took in school that almost had me quit University before I even had the chance to experience it. I always did well in school but this course had me pulling out my hair. The professor spoke in such riddles and rhymes such as: "The essence of a triangle is the triangleness of a triangle."


If I wasn't so intrigued in figuring out what the hell he was talking about, I would have walked straight out and wasted my mom's hard earned money on my degree. Fortunately for me, my B.A. never consisted of any further Philosophy courses, but I'm glad I completed at least one.

We scratched our heads trying to figure out how to tell if you and I see the same reality. For example, there are certain truths that confirm that we both see the same brown table. It's square in shape, hard in surface and dark in colour. These truths we can agree upon. But how do we ever really know if we are seeing the same exact table, except through description? Is truth that subjective that there is no real correct answer? In life, if we are so sure about the truth, why do we seek other's opinion on a matter? Does their affirmation of your truth confirm to you that it is truth? Is truth determined by the masses? For example, 99 out of the 1oo people see something as true so it must be?

I'm on a mission in life to seek truth and be around like minded people. In an earlier blog post, I discussed meeting some wonderful people when Charity and I shot a wedding in the Dominican. All of our stories somehow brought things back to what was true. What is truth though? Is it what we tell ourselves to believe? Is my opinion of someone else the truth if someone else thinks differently? Is it only God who sits above and watches us all who solely and truly knows what's really going on?

One thing is for sure. I'm truthful to myself. I know my faults, my flaws, my strengths and I know my gut. We as humans have trouble revealing the truth to others as it makes us appear weak and appearances are then unveiled. It's only at night when we are alone in bed that we really can be truthful with ourselves. You can lie to everyone else but you can't lie to yourself. That nagging feeling in your stomach, heart and mind tells you what the truth is, no matter if it's negative or positive, right or wrong. It used to madden me that people didn't live in their own reality. How can they not see what's going on, I would often ask myself? Do they honestly not see how they are behaving and can't see the forest through the trees? My mom always told me that as long as I knew the truth, that should be good enough but is it?

Have a swig of the truth serum, dig deep into what you know to be right and true and to hell with everything else. People are right out of their minds these days.

Live in your truth, fully and wholeheartedly.

Have a great weekend.....




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