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Sunday, July 10, 2011

...and I owe it all to you!

Last weekend I headed to Owen Sound with Charity and another girlfriend to shoot a wedding. Leading up to the big day, you're never quite sure what type of events will unfold. When you spend time with the couple and their wedding party prior to the wedding, it makes shooting the day of, so much more relaxed. It's a feeling of friendship and an honour to be part of their day.

The night before, we all headed out to a local bar, tore up the dance floor and had many many laughs. As always, my stomach was in knots the day of the wedding. I had to overcome a personal fear of getting lost. I felt like I was six again and petrified of not being able to find my way home from school. I was shooting the groomsmen on the 14th hole of a large golf course, while Charity was with the bride and her girls. I had to find my way. I had no choice. When I showed up, there were 13 clowns that I had to boss around in order to get some good shots. We had some laughs, they told dirty jokes and I felt like I was one of the guys. Sometimes you just have to treat people like your friends, not clients in order for them to feel comfortable with you.

The day was a beautiful one...but scorching hot. In the 95 degree heat, Charity and I shot the wedding ceremony. They guests filtered in one by one. We assumed position and captured as many angles as we could, performing the dance that photographers do to stay out of each other's shot. At one point, the dance led us side by side in the aisle as we shot the groom kneel down to the bride's daughter, present her with a ring and ask her if he could officially be her dad. Between the sweat dripping off my brow and the tears flowing down my face, I looked at Charity and she was just as busy wiping her camera screen off from the weather and emotion.

Melissa and Jay, we wish you nothing short of the wonderful life you deserve. It's not every day that I get emotional at weddings but this one had me in tears for a good part of the day and laughing for the rest. Thank you for allowing us to capture your day!


Wendy & Charity

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