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Monday, July 18, 2011

I can't go for that.

Why is it that we intrinsically try to please the ones who put in the least amount of effort, over and over again? Do you ever find that the more poorly someone treats you, the harder you try? Have you ever found yourself in a position where you give 200% and the person next to you gives 50% yet gets all the glory and praise? Then, in frustration, your loved ones pay the price because there is no remaining energy to give, even though they are the ones who deserve your affection and attention. It seems no matter the age, we revert to children who are seeking approval from their peers, friends, family and parents although the irony is at our adult age, we feel childish calling someone out on their behaviour. That honesty makes us feel vulnerable and needy and in turn perpetuates the person in question to ignore us. I've seen it happen in the workplace. I've seen it happen with siblings and parents. I've seen it happen in friendships.

Are we all suffering from abandonment issues so badly that we constantly reach out to the ones who slap us in the face, over and over again?

Au contraire over here. I can't go for that. I hear warning bells and run the other way.
I run like hell.

The world is a vast place full of different opinions, thoughts and perspectives. Seek your own approval however you shall. I found mine in a field of dreams.



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