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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you?

Like the four seasons, there are a certain sequence of life events that unfold as surely as changing weather. What once was green and lush, one day, as if from out of nowhere, seems to suddenly transition to stark and bleak conditions. The nights turn dark quickly and we dream of the sunshine. Isn't this also true for relationships? At the very moment you're sitting on top of the world, things seem to come crashing down, and at the point of despair and grief, as if from out of nowhere, appears the one thing we thought was forever lost: Hope. 

My husband asked me the other day what I aspired to be as a child. I gave it some deep thought and was utterly confused. I was always so distracted by boys and finding love, that I never stopped to think about what indeed it was that I wanted out of life. I believe it was part of a master plan from the powers that may be, to have only met the man of my dreams once I was confident and secure with myself. So many people I know are going through heartache and at the tail of Valentine's Day, the most dreadful day for single people, I felt it necessary to remind that everything happens as it should, even if it all seems so ass backwards right now.

Relationships are confusing, especially when they end abruptly and one sided. I personally think it's enlightening during a break up. It is a blessing that it happened now and not later, for it will take that much more time to heal. And time is a wasting. It is, in my humble opinion that it is better to wake up fresh, wondering what exciting adventure or amazing person awaits, than to spend even one more day with someone who doesn't value your worth. And who doesn't love you,  just the way you are.

I heard a quote this past weekend in regards to photography equipment. A very successful boudoir photographer candidly recalled her first few years in business. She had an entry level camera and one lens. She quipped that she wore that amateur equipment as a badge of honour and not a badge of shame. These are powerful words. We should also wear our mistakes and our past honourably for they have made us who we are, taken us to this current destination and developed our soul.

The four seasons are supposed to unfold in order. Summer, fall, winter and spring and repeat. But sometimes, things happen in an unexpected order and we have to be ready to embrace the storm or the sunshine, in whichever order it may appear.

Be patient. The sunshine will eventually show up to keep you company. And if you're really lucky,
maybe a cute boy with a ring.

Happy Valentine's Day!!



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