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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Madge Go!

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love this gal. I once had these "friends"
who bought a bunch of tickets to the sold out Toronto Madonna show. They gave the spare
ticket to one of their husbands who was so disinterested, he sat outside smoking the entire time.
I went down with another friend, where they were scalping tickets for $800. I swear to God,
I almost paid friend said to me, I can't let you spend a month's rent on one ticket. 
I begged the doorman to let me peek in, just as she was singing Vogue. I got a glimpse and
my heart soared. Then, the mean attendant abruptly shut the curtains and gone was my chance to see the Material Girl in all her glory. My glimpse lasted about 30 seconds and I can only hope to see her live again one day. For now, I am pumped for her performance tonight at the halftime Superbowl show.

Go Madge Go!

Your biggest fan,


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