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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Luxe Box - January Edition

I love gifts that keep on giving. Last night, four ladies got together as our Luxe boxes had arrived. Normally, we would all have found an excuse to back out of a dinner out on a Tuesday night; children, work, exhaustion etc. But the rule was, we couldn't open our goody box until the four of us were present.

We drove our waitress nuts as we hadn't even looked at the menu. We excitedly yet delicately peeled back the beautiful personalized tissue paper to peer into our cosmetic treats. Ooooooh......Ahhhhhhhh.

We were each given customized high end products based on a questionnaire we had filled out about our style and taste. The old(er) women ah-hem were given a generous size of anti aging cream (which, by sample size is worth $41 on it's own!) We were given some of the newest fragrances to sample, nail laquer, some hair products, gourmet coffee, razors and coupons to receive future discounts.

Every month, one of these boxes are set to arrive in the mail. We almost swarmed the mailman when I saw his car approaching our mail units. Good thing I have a bird's eye view when he arrives.

Thanks for a great Christmas gift Sandie....and a gift that gets us together...with no excuses not to be there.


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