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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To do it over again....

I've been so fortunate this past year to take part in so  many celebrations of love. I get the chance to absorb all the excitement, planning, ups & downs, disappointments and joys and it brings me back to my own beautiful wedding last year.

I'm always fascinated by human nature. Is it in our nature to follow the norm in the beginning part of our lives? Why is it that a second marriage, a second job, a second chance at life or perhaps just time and maturity itself leads us to do exactly what it is that we want? You often hear: "If I had to do it again....."

Why don't we do what we want in the first place? I'm as mystified as you.

For me, I would have spared myself the headaches and expense. I loved everything about our wedding(s), yet if I had to do it again, it would be so different. Our guests would be different. The people we have met in the past year have me wondering what I ever did before I met them. I would hire not one seasoned photographer, but five brand new ones who had the hunger and passion for taking photos and seeing a moment, instead of just treating it like a regular "job" and following a particular shot list. I'd forego the banquet hall and centerpieces and just have a candlelit, stringlight barn wedding complete with picnic baskets and soul food. I would not spend 3 years growing my hair, just to cut it off a day after the wedding and look like the real "me". Why wouldn't I want to look like the real "me" on my wedding day? I'd have oldschool R&B playing in the background while guests swooned and enjoyed the moment and each other.

Just sayin'.

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