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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Bullshit

Have you noticed that lately, every minor task or errand somehow turns into a big production?
I presume with technology's major presence, things should be easier, faster and painless. I went to renew my vehicle sticker on  a Monday morning. Here in Brantford, we have the luxury of driving 5 minutes to get where we need to go, not pay for parking and minimal line ups. Even with the hassle of having to get my emissions tested before being able to renew my sticker, I was back there in a jiffy. Ah, but then there is the pesky 407 fine that never seems to go away no matter how many times I have paid it. The ministry ensured that with my receipt, I would have no problems proving to the 407 that it has been paid off. I then get into my car, call the 407 who chastises the ministry who should know better that they are not linked. Can I just get a straight answer on a Monday morning? After a weekend of less than desirable circumstances to say the very least (blog post to follow that will leave you speechless), my eye rolling and head shaking must have been apparent to the 3rd 407 person I spoke to on the phone.

If this is the 1st of the 23 next straight days I'm working, I hope there is a happier ending in sight.

For now, a photograph. Happy Monday, all.

With love,


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